*GOOD LUCK* playlist

good luck playlist cover.jpg

I found myself painting for the first time in almost a year when I had John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme blasting in my old apartment in harlem on a fateful spring day. from that moment—this march until about june— I felt overcame, possessed, even to paint when I heard this album. the need to get all my thoughts and emotions out about ancestral baggage was overpowering. using the semi-blank canvases of the posters I screenprinted almost a year prior, the project began to take form. and each time I painted, I would listen to A Love Supreme.

for a while, I didn’t understand what aside from the incredible music itself drew me to the album. then I began to remember a documentary I saw about Coltrane called Chasing Trane. after digging himself deep into a whole of drug-induced illness, he decided to take his life back and get clean. he sobered up, found god again and wrote A Love Supreme in its entirety before ever playing a single note of it aloud. I learned later that he wrote the album at his new house in Huntington, New York, the town I’m from. he died just two years later from cancer in Huntington Hospital, where I was born.

I returned time and time again to that record, before I looked back to some of my favorite albums, as well as some new sounds by summertime. I hope you can hear the soul in this playlist and ascend in the way I did and still do.

Max Kulchinsky