the motown tape


one of the biggest musical inspirations for this project was by the late, great J Dilla. his 2005 motown beat tape is some of the most soulful music he made, just before his passing. the 42 track tape was never officially released, and was heavily bootlegged after Dilla’s death. due to sample clearance issues, estate disputes, etc, Dilla’s posthumous music has been released sporadically and in random compilations, making this particular work hard to listen to in full on legitimate streaming services. though I could not track down all 42 beats, I have compiled 18 of my favorites to share with you. this entire project sounds like his ascent to the divine.

aaaaand if you like what you hear, find the rest of the tape on the interwebs. but ya didn’t hear that from me ;)


dilla on the pads
Max Kulchinsky